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Isaac Simmons of Bloomington-Normal said “his drag name, Penny Cost, is a pun on Pentecost, because in that story the Holy Spirit came upon a group of Jesus followers and spoke In a new way”.

Isaac Simmons, is a 23 year old openly gay drag queen who recently was certified as a candidate for ministry by a church district committee. Simmons said, “My very mission as a drag queen and really as a minister is to help bridge the huge gap that is between queerness and spirituality”.

Simmons said his drag name is a pun on Pentacost. The Pentacost is the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. Simmons says, “By reclaiming power within LGBTQ+ spaces and distributing it back to queer people, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God are able to be present in lives”.

What is happening? I feel like I am living in The Twilight Zone. Everything, everywhere now is all about the LGBTQ+, transgender, Pride agenda…and I think it is disgusting, and I believe that it is an abomination against God.

What has happened to us? Over 49% of Americans claim to be Christians, but I find this fact a little hard to believe. A true, born again believing Christian would not accept or go along with this blasphemous charade.

Does anyone have any morals anymore?! Speaking for myself, I will not sit by and keep my mouth shut, and go along with the crowd, being another follower. I think that never before in my life has there been an issue that I would stand up against 100% like this one.

All of this is not right at all. It is an abomination, and it clearly states that in the Bible. People try to take the Scriptures out of context to fit their deluded perspective.

I can only imagine how this must hurt God. Look at what Jesus did for us all…he gave His life for every single one of us, and how do we show Him gratitude and love…by mockery, blasphemy, and disrespect.

It is truly heartbreaking. When I think of Him, looking down on His Creation watching us destroy everything that He created for us…I just wanna cry my eyes out…I can truly feel His heartache. When the day of our Judgement comes, and you are standing before Him, and He asks you why you chose to stand up for man instead of God…what will you say?

I know what I will say. I will always…no matter the ridicule, or judgement, or shame I may face; STAND UP FOR MY FATHER IN HEAVEN and speak the Truth, the only Truth, God’s Truth…because I love Him with all of my heart, and I am very thankful for the gift He has given to me…

He loves each and everyone of us more than anyone has ever loved any of us, and it is high time that we start showing Him the same love and respect in return!

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