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the cern logo on a blue background

I am guessing most people have probably heard something about CERN, the LHC Particle Collider before. CERN is the birthplace of the world wide web, the particle accelerator is situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Now before I continue, I want you to look at the image above, this is the official logo for CERN, do you see it? It is three 6’s (666).

Now you may be asking yourself, why would they have three 6’s as their logo? Well, I am going to give you the truth about this evil organization, & I’m going to tell you the real truth about what they are really trying to accomplish at the large hadron collider in Switzerland.

These scientists, & the wealthy elite that is funding their experiments; they are Luciferian’s who are deeply involved with occult practices.

These people truly believe that Lucifer is the real & true God, & they choose to deny the one true living God, the Alpha & the Omega.

They are completely obsessed with discovering what they term as “The God Particle”. In their words, they are trying to find out how the universe first came into existence.

But, we already know the truth, God created the heavens & the earth. The theory of “The Big Bang” is absolutely absurd.

This topic is extremely important, everyone needs to be aware of the truth. They have a way more sinister & evil agenda than what is released in the mainstream media.

The reality is they are trying to open a portal to another dimension. There is so much overwhelming evidence to support this.

Firstly, being the satanic ritual that was captured on video back in 2016, black hooded figures stabbing a naked woman in the middle of a ritualistic circle.

(A human sacrifice) Now, of course mainstream media has deemed this to be a hoax, but that is an absolute lie, they don’t want their truth exposed.

a statue of a person at night in a city

This statue is placed in the middle of CERN’S complex. This is the Hindu goddess, SHIVA. The “goddess of destruction”. The Hindu’s call her the black goddess of doomsday or death. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, they are trying to open a doorway to the bottomless pit.

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
Revelation 9:1-2

The exact location of CERN was no accident. In ancient times the people that lived there believed that particular location was the “gateway to hell”.

The locals wouldn’t go anywhere near that area. There have been eye witness reports of entities, & cryptids seen in that location dating back to ancient times, & they’re still being reported now in present day.

There have been numerous CERN scientists who have came forward with stories of seeing strange & frightening apparitions during these experiments.

They have also captured spiritual entities on film during these experiments. One CERN scientist was quoted as saying “we hope that by opening this door, we will be able to gain access to new and unexplored areas of our planet”.

So far, the scientists have been able to create a small opening to the pit, but they have not been able to enter it. They are now working on developing a more sophisticated system that will allow them to enter the pit and explore its mysteries.

The experiment, known as the Awakened LIFE Project, is based on the theory that there are extra dimensions that we cannot see. “If the experiment is successful, it could give us a way to access these other dimensions”, quoted one top researcher at CERN.

It has the potential to create a black hole the size of a tennis ball. This is so dangerous. In 2016, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking gave an interview warning us, that the Higgs boson particle (also called the “God” particle, could destroy the Universe and “we wouldn’t even see it coming”.

This is absolutely terrifying! These scientists are trying to play God, that is seriously dangerous. They have no idea what may be lying in wait for them when they break through completely.

Who knows what could possibly come back through this doorway into our physical world. We have no clue of the realities that lurk from the spiritual realm.

But, we do know from scripture that there are demonic entities and unclean spirits. Nothing good could come from this place.

This is one of the most important truths that every Christian should be aware of. I think it is another sure sign that we are living in the last days.

The scientists at CERN are literally playing with fire. They don’t know what will happen when they succeed. The consequences will be disastrous.

So, it is imperative that we should all stand fast in our faith in Jesus Christ. Please I urge you if you are not saved, & you’re reading this, God is speaking to your heart.

Do not choose the wide road that leads to destruction, choose Him! He loves us all so much!

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