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No matter what the devil does, God has the last word. Always. Psalm 119 verse 89 says that the word of God is settled in Heaven. God is supreme over all things He has the ultimate authority.

Satan became the god of this world. He can do nothing against the final authority of God. Believers need to understand that the devil can do nothing in their lives against what the Word of God says. We allow the devil to enter into our lives by ignorance or sin.

No matter what the devil does, God has the last word. God hasn’t fallen asleep at the wheel, and now the devil is in charge. Our feelings do not have the last say, our emotions don’t have the last say, the situation will not have the last say. God has the last word!

This is something that we all need to remember. In whatever situation we may face; God, the Alpha and Omega, God the great creator, He has the last say. No one else. This means that we are safe. Of course we all will experience storms in our lives, heartbreaks, and things that we just cannot understand why they’re even happening to us.

The reason we all go through these things is because we all live in a fallen world. Yes we are living in the fallen world, but for a child of God who is washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ; the closest thing to hell we will ever experience is this life that we’re living on this Earth.

How I long for that day when He will come again and wipe away the tears from my eyes. Our eternity is with Him. We will be with the one we love. We will be with the ones that we love. Everything in our lives; our health, our finances, our families, everything is in God’s hands.

We need to always remember that no matter how afflicted we may be in our lives, God has the last word. The devil cannot take our lives, he may try to submit storms in our path, but he cannot do nothing beyond that. Remember the story of Job? The devil did his best to crush him. Job was persecuted by the devil, but not abandoned by God.

God is on all of our sides. We need to stand up tall, and always remember that. Please accept Jesus Christ into your hearts, He loves us all so much, so love Him back with all of your heart!

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