How To Keep Your Faith Strong During Difficult Times

In life, we go through various seasons, some are joyous, and some are incredibly difficult, but no matter what we face, we can always find hope and peace in our faith. Keeping our faith strong during challenging times can be difficult, but the Bible [Read More…]

The Great Gathering: A Poem of Hope and Salvation

Poem The skies will part and trumpets sound,As angels soar to earth’s four bounds,Their wings aglow, their trumpets loud,As they lead God’s chosen to be found. From every nation, tribe, and tongue,His people are gathered, old and young,They join in song, their praise resound,As [Read More…]

3 Ancient Evil Spirits Have Returned To America

I have been reading a new book recently by Jonathan Cahn, and I highly recommend you check it out. It talks about the dark trinity that\’s coming back to America, when I say back to America it’s because at one time America was at [Read More…]

3 Important Signs You Are On the Right Path

The first sign is not so much a sign you’re on the right path, but rather it is more of a disclaimer regarding suffering. This is because unfortunately when people go through some sort of suffering in their lives, they automatically jump to the [Read More…]

What Has Become of the United States?

Members and supporters of the Satanic Temple partied it up at a Boston Marriott for SatanCon, holding dance parties and un-baptisms, and showing support for bodily autonomy and the separation of church and state. SatanCon, a sold-out three-day event has been touted as the [Read More…]