Hi, my fellow believers!

I just finished writing a new poem, and I’m excited to share it with you. This piece is very special to me because it reflects my deep love for the Lord, who is always on my mind. The constant thoughts of Him bring me such warmth and joy. I hope you enjoy my poem, “Always On My Mind.”

In the quiet of the morning, as dawn begins to break,
I find Your love surrounding me, in every step I take.
The whisper of the morning breeze, the glow of morning light,
Reminds me of Your gentle care, Your presence in my sight.

You walk beside me through the day, in every joy and tear,
Your love, a constant melody, forever drawing near.
In laughter and in silent prayer, Your grace is always found,
A steadfast guide, a beacon bright, when shadows fall around.

Your words are like a soothing balm, they heal my troubled soul,
In every moment, every thought, You make my spirit whole.
I see You in the faces of the ones I hold so dear,
Your love reflected in their eyes, Your voice is what I hear.

When doubts arise and fears take hold, Your peace is what I seek,
A calm that wraps around my heart, in moments I feel weak.
You are the strength that lifts me up, the hope that lights my way,
A love that never fades or fails, that brightens every day.

In every corner of my life, Your presence is divine,
A love that’s deeper than the sea, a truth I can’t confine.
With every breath, I speak Your name, in awe of what You do,
For You are always on my mind, and I am forever loved by You.

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