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Meet Brandy N. Morrison, a dedicated Christian blogger, writer, and newly published author of two inspiring books of Christian poetry. As the creative force behind “Blogging For Christ,” Brandy passionately shares her faith journey and insights.

Her devotionals have graced the pages of the Upper Room Christian magazine and the renowned blog Christian Devotions. Brandy extends her reach to newer platforms, contributing compelling content to the Christian TikTok channel, BlessYourNorth. With a life devoted to using her talents for God, Brandy N. Morrison weaves words that resonate with the heart and soul.

In 2011, Brandy N. Morrison faced a profound loss when her high school sweetheart and husband, Travis, tragically succumbed to injuries from a car crash. Their love story began in high school, and they embarked on the journey of marriage right after graduation. Together, they created a beautiful legacy in the form of their daughter, Taylar, who now holds a special place as the center of Brandy’s universe.

Despite the challenges of widowhood, Brandy finds solace in pouring her emotions into writing. She is an author with a heart full of stories and a passion for crafting words that extend beyond the pages.

Brandy dedicates her time to the joy and company of her five beloved dogs – Petey, Krissy, Cookie, Barney, & Bear. An avid animal lover, she draws strength from the unconditional love of her furry companions. As she continues this journey, Brandy looks forward to the day when she can reunite with her late husband in Heaven, finding inspiration in the love of her daughter and the comforting presence of her canine companions. 

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