Breaking News: From Drills To Strange Nationwide Alerts

In a world filled with uncertainity and escalating tensions, recent events have left many questioning the state of our society. This week, on Tuesday, Russia will be conducting a nuclear attack drill for all Russian citizens. It is important to note that Putin has never before made a move like this. In this blog post, we will delve further into [Read More…]

What Has Become of the United States?

Members and supporters of the Satanic Temple partied it up at a Boston Marriott for SatanCon, holding dance parties and un-baptisms, and showing support for bodily autonomy and the separation of church and state. SatanCon, a sold-out three-day event has been touted as the “largest satanic gathering in history”. The event, which marks the Temple\’s 10-year anniversary, was dedicated to [Read More…]