In this heartfelt blog post, I feel compelled to express my concerns about the current state of our nation, not as a partisan individual, but as an independent observer guided by my faith.

While I may not align with Joe Biden’s policies and actions, I also recognize that neither political party fully embraces a Christian perspective in their decision-making.

I believe my discernment, a blessing from God, enables me to see the shortcomings on both sides of the political spectrum. Regardless of party affiliation, it’s evident that neither Republicans nor Democrats prioritize integrating God into critical aspects of our society, such as public schools and the public marketplace.

The absence of prayer and the removal of God’s name from various spheres in our country have led us down a concerning path. As I reflect on Joe Biden’s appearances in the media, I can’t help but feel sadness.

His frailty and the apparent struggles during his speeches evoke a sense of sorrow. It’s disheartening to witness, and I can’t shake the feeling that there may be puppeteers behind the scenes, pulling the strings while Biden serves as a mere figurehead.

The conviction in my soul leads me to believe that those wielding true power in our government may be motivated by sinister intentions. There seems to be a concerted effort towards a one-world order, a goal that raises significant alarm for those who hold Christian values dear. The question then arises, can we entrust the fate of our nation to leaders who may be pursuing an agenda contrary to the principles we hold?

To my fellow Christians who support Trump, I urge you to critically assess whether Trump truly embodies Christian qualities. While God may use individuals for His purposes, it does not necessarily equate to a person being a  Christian.

It’s essential to recognize that the dichotomy of a “good guy” versus a “bad guy” in politics perpetuates division among Americans. This constant polarization distracts us from the underlying issues that demand our attention and collective action.

In my recent online interactions, I was labeled a “MAGA extremist,” a term that amused me, considering I do not align with Trump either. My allegiance lies with God, not any political figure.

I seek His guidance in every decision and choice I make. I believe our leaders, as well as our fellow Americans, should prioritize God in their decision-making processes, fostering unity and understanding.

The undeniable truth is that our country has turned away from God, embracing a diluted culture marked by sexual perversions. The consequences of such a departure from our foundational values are dire.

Without a return to God’s grace, our nation is at risk of destruction. Placing our hopes and trust in the government alone is insufficient; we must redirect our faith towards God, seeking His protection and guidance.

In closing, my intention is not to criticize individuals or promote division but to emphasize the urgency of realigning our priorities as a nation. Let us come together, recognizing the importance of God in our lives and in our decision-making processes, as we navigate the complexities of our society and strive for a future grounded in faith, hope, and trust in God.

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