Spend eternity with God. This life is temporary. Do not get carried away by the things you have now, or the temporary happiness you are having now in this temporary life on this earth. I don\’t want you to think this world is the end of everything.

You may have money now, and you are doing okay in your business, I want you to know that all these things will end when the end of your life comes. I know we don\’t want to hear about the end of our lives. But, we need to know that it is something that none of us can run away from.

We shouldn\’t be afraid of it. We should not be totally concerned about it, because it will happen. Death still has a 100% record. No one has ever escaped it, and no one ever will. I know that there are the elites out there who acrually believe one day their money, their power, and the new technology will maybe change that fact for them. But, it will never happen.

What everyone should be concerned with, what we should be thinking about every single day that we are given on this earth; is where will we be going when that moment comes for each of us. Personally I think about it all the time. I am inviting you to examine your life. If you have money, if you pray for a good life, God gave it to you. All the things that you have in your life, God gave to you.

Why should we allow ourselves to be carried away by the things of this world? Why should we allow the devil to use the things of this world to distract us from what will happen in the life we have to come. How have you been doing right now with your life? The Bible talked about gaining the whole world, and then losing your soul.

It doesn\’t make any sense to become a billionaire here on earth, and then in eternity you are in a place of never ending torment. There are two places we can go when we die. Heaven or hellfire. This world, this life we are living now is temporary. A simple footnote in time. The next life, is eternal. It is a place where time itself does not exist. A place where dates don\’t exist. There are two places and they are Heaven and hellfire.

I am asking you today, where do you want to spend your eternity? I have an even better question for you, where does God want you to spend eternity? He wants you to spend it in Heaven with Him. The sad thing with is we don\’t think enough about Heaven. I have written about this a few times before. This is something that weighs on my soul, because I think of it all the time.

Most Christians don\’t talk enough about Heaven. Maybe if they have a terminal illness, they talk and think about Heaven, or maybe when they have attended funerals, then they think about Heaven. We should always be thinking about where we will be spending eternity. We need to live our lives with God included in everything that we do, in every decision that we make.

God wants me in Heaven. He wants you in Heaven. Maybe you have lost one of your loved ones, and you are filled with pain and sorrow. Maybe you have lost your job, and you are filled with tears and have no hope of what to do next. Maybe you have tried all that you could and it seems there is no way out of the situation you have found yourself .

I want you to know that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for you where there is no pain for you, God wants you to be in Heaven and not in hell. So, don\’t ever forget God loves you, He loves me, He loves each & every one of us.

No matter what we may suffer in this life, we mustn\’t forget that God will never abandon us, nor will He ever forsake us. Do not let a single day go by without telling Him thank you for all He has given you, and most importantly do not forget to tell Him how much you love HIm everyday. Lastly, I just wanna say, we must remember to always stand up for God, stand up for the truth, God\’s truth. In these crazy times we\’re living in, there are far too many luke warm Christians out there. We must be on fire for God always. In everything that we do, in everything that we say, in every way.

\”In my Father\’s House are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to Prepare a place for you.\”

John 14:2 (KJV)

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