In this blog post, I aim to take a unique approach. The focus here is on my friend, and brother in Christ Pastor Winston G. Capilitan. We met some time ago, and I have really grown to admire him.

He has a true love for Jesus Christ, and he has dedicated his life to spreading the Word of God. He is the pastor of 34 years to the Church of Jesus Christ-Apostolic Faith Ministry, in Northern Mindanao Philippines.

Pastor Winston Capilitan stands as a beacon of hope and faith for the community. Pastor Capilitan’s mission goes beyond the walls of his church; it extends to the impoverished communities that grapple with severe poverty. The Philippines, a nation with a rich cultural tapestry, faces the harsh reality of economic struggles.

Despite these challenges, Pastor Winston remains unwavering in his commitment to evangelize the Gospel and promote Biblical doctrines rooted in the teachings of the early disciples. However, Pastor Winston is facing difficulties and challenges, he faces many obstacles in his noble mission.

Regrettably, limited resources, especially in terms of transportation, restrict the scope of Pastor Winston’s outreach efforts. He urgently requires a motorbike to facilitate his journeys within the community. In a recent conversation, he vividly described the challenges he encounters while trying to spread the Gospel in a third-world country.

That night, as I lay in bed, endeavoring to embrace sleep, Pastor Winston occupied my thoughts persistently. In that profound moment, a wave of humility enveloped me, prompting earnest prayers of gratitude to God for the abundant blessings bestowed upon my life.

It dawned on me that we often neglect to truly reflect on the significant facets of our existence, unwittingly taking the invaluable for granted. Recognizing this, I am compelled to reconsider the manner in which we navigate our lives.

A Call To Action

As a testament to the shared responsibility of helping those in need, a call to action emerges. Through the Blogging For Christ platform, there is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to Pastor Capilitan’s mission. I feel led by God to do what I can to help my friend with his mission.

A small donation can make a significant impact, providing the means for him to continue spreading the love and Word of Jesus Christ in the Philippines.
In a world marked by challenges, the story of my good friend, Pastor Winston G. Capilitan, serves as a testament to the resilience of faith and the power of collective compassion.

Through the outreach of Blogging For Christ, we have the chance to be part of a transformative journey, supporting a dedicated pastor in his mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Please, let’s help support his mission together. Until next time everyone, take care of yourselves and each other. God Bless!

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