In recent years, a significant shift has occured within churches across the United States. The LGBTQ+ community has made its presence known, with openly gay pastors and even a drag queen leading a Methodist church in Illinois.

While some argue for love and acceptance as the core of Christianity, others, like myself, believe that embracing these identities contradicts biblical teachings.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the infiltration of the LGBTQ+ agenda in our churches, the consequences it brings, and the importance of discernment and truth.

The presence of openly gay pastors within churches has become increasingly prevalent. This shift challenges traditional Christian teachings and raises questions about the compatibility of these identities with biblical principles. While supporters argue for inclusivity and acceptance, it is crucial to examine whether these beliefs align with the Word of God.

Torn Between Love & Truth

Many believers find themselves torn between their desire to love and accept others and their commitment to upholding biblical principles.

It is essential to navigate this delicate balance, ensuring that love does not overshadow the truth. The antichrist spirit seeks to distort the truth, leading people astray from the teachings of the True Living God.

Promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda as love and acceptance of everyone may seem appealing, but it is a distortion of the truth. Sexual sin cannot be disguised as love, and embracing these identities contradicts biblical teachings.

Those who accept and participate in this deception are being deceived themselves, living for the god of this world rather than the True Living God.

Living With Discernment

To combat the infiltration of the antichrist spirit, believers must live their lives with discernment and truth. We must not be blinded by the world’s agenda but instead seek guidance from God to see through the deception.

By wearing the Armor of God, we can protect ourselves from the devil’s cunning tactics and stay true to the Word of God. The devil is not ignorant or foolish; he is cunning and manipulative. He uses the LGBTQ+ agenda to lead many down a destructive path.

We must be aware of his tactics and not fall into his traps. By recognizing the truth and standing firm in our faith, we can resist his influence and protect ourselves and others from his deceit.

Speaking Up For God

As true Christians, we should not be afraid to speak up for God and defend His word. It is our responsibility to share the truth with love and compassion, even when it goes against popular opinion.

By boldly proclaiming the teachings of the True Living God, we can help others find their way back to Him. Living in a world filled with deception, we must keep our eyes wide open.

Living in a world filled with such deception, we need to keep our eyes open. We cannot afford to be naive or ignorant of the enemy’s tactics. By staying vigilant and discerning, we can protect ourselves and our communities from the destructive influence of the LGBTQ+ agenda.


The infiltration of the LGBTQ+ agenda in our churches is a dangerous path that is leading so many souls astray. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to biblical teachings and not compromise the truth for the sake of acceptance.

By living with discernment, speaking up for God, and keeping our eyes open, we can combat the antichrist spirit and protect ourselves and others from destruction. This is definitely the work of the antichrist spirit, another sure sign of the end of the age.

Sexual perversions have now entered into our churches, and I am choosing to speak out against this. It is my Christian duty to expose the things of darkness, not accept them. I cannot believe something like this could even happen. My mind just doesn’t understand this way of thinking. Well, until the next time everyone, God Bless you and your families.

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