As parents and believers in the Bible, it is alarming to witness the rise of After School Satan Clubs and the potential impact they may have on our children. These clubs, associated with the Satanic Temple, have gained traction since their inception in early 2020 and have garnered media attention and legal wins in the name of free speech. 

Initially targeted at primary schools as an alternative to religious clubs, particularly targeting The Good News Clubs. The Good News Club is an after-school program tailored for primary schools (grades K-5), emphasizing religious teachings, specifically about God.

Serving as an alternative to non-religious clubs, it offers students an opportunity to explore and learn about God’s Word. I think this is a wonderful thing. First and foremost, I believe that The Word of God has to be the foundation for which everything else is built upon. Our children need to learn about Godfirst, they need to know and learn the ways of Jesus Christ. We all  want our kids to have the very best in life.

All of us hope our children will grow up happy, safe, and content. We pray that they will make good choices and hold good values and principles.

The Satanic Temple promotes their clubs through a provocative video featuring a goat mascot and a jingle that portrays Satan as a friendly lover of truth.

The Satanic Temple promotes their clubs through a provocative video featuring a goat mascot and a jingle that portrays Satan as a friendly lover of truth. The clubs claim to not introduce religion into public schools and only operate if other religious groups are present. 

However, it is disconcerting to see these clubs catered specifically to young children, teaching them that hell does not exist and Satan is not a malevolent being. Even in regions known for their strong Christian beliefs, such as the Bible Belt, After School Satan Clubs have gained a foothold, leaving us questioning how and why this has become accepted. 

In the face of this disturbing trend, it is crucial that Christian parents take a stand and speak out against such evil, protecting and guiding their children with the armor of God.

A Brief History of After School Satan Clubs

The concept of After School Satan Clubs was introduced by the Satanic Temple as a counterpoint to the presence of religious clubs in public schools. Launched in 2016, these clubs began to appear in the wake of Supreme Court decisions that allowed religious groups to use school facilities for club activities after hours.

The Satanic Temple framed their clubs as a child-friendly option that promotes scientific rationalism, critical thinking, and empathy, without endorsing any belief in the supernatural. The intention was to ensure that if religion was to have a place in public schools, there would be a space for their viewpoint as well. Can you believe this?

Their emergence has sparked debate and controversy, with opponents viewing them as a direct attack on Christian values and proponents seeing them as a defense of pluralism in public education.

The Satanic Temple, which advocates for the separation of church and state, is the driving force behind the After School Satan Clubs. The organization has been recognized as a church for tax purposes, but it distinguishes itself by rejecting superstition and advocating for religious pluralism.

The Satanic Temple has utilized the establishment of these clubs as a strategic move to challenge the presence of religious clubs in public schools, thereby asserting that if religious groups are allowed access to public resources, so should other philosophical perspectives, even if they are non-theistic.

After School Satan Club Promo Video

In a two-minute promotional video for the After School Satan Club called “My Pal Satan,” featuring a goat as their mascot, The Satanic Temple also offers up a jingle presenting Satan as a friendly lover of truth.

In a move school officials say is a bid to “cancel all faith-based organizations” working with public schools, the Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple caused a stir by announcing its first “After School Satan Club” chapter in Tennessee, where they will teach children things like there is no Hell and “Satan is not an evil guy.”

The rise of After School Satan Clubs in public schools is not a matter to be taken lightly. These clubs, while often claiming to promote scientific rationalism and critical thinking, pose a real danger to the spiritual well-being of our children.

They introduce concepts that are antithetical to Christian teachings, confusing young minds about morality, the existence of good and evil, and the nature of divine authority.

Moreover, they can create a divisive environment within schools, as children are exposed to vastly different worldviews at a young age. The danger lies not only in the explicit content but also in the subtle undercurrents of their message, which can undermine the faith-based principles that Christian families work hard to cultivate. It is essential to recognize these risks and the profound impact they can have on

The messages promoted by After School Satan Clubs can be deeply concerning for Christian parents. These clubs often advocate for a worldview that is not just non-religious but anti-religious, posing a stark contrast to Christian values.

They may teach that concepts such as sin and redemption are outdated, or even that moral absolutes do not exist. By presenting Satan as a symbol of personal autonomy and rebellion against arbitrary authority, they challenge the very foundations of Christian belief.

This can be particularly troubling when directed at children, who are still forming their understanding of the world and their moral compass. The teachings of these clubs can sow seeds of doubt and confusion about religious convictions that families hold dear, potentially leading children away from a path of faith. our children’s spiritual development.

Taking Action As Christian Parents

Remember that as a parent, your involvement in your child’s education is not just your right but your responsibility, and you have a say in protecting your child’s spiritual development.

For Christian parents seeking to ensure their children’s education aligns with their values, homeschooling may be a compelling option. It offers the opportunity to directly oversee the curriculum and ensure that it is consistent with Christian beliefs and moral teachings.

Homeschooling can also provide a safe learning environment, free from the influence of clubs or organizations that contradict your family’s faith. Additionally, the flexibility of homeschooling allows for the integration of biblical studies into the daily learning schedule, reinforcing the spiritual foundation you wish to instill in your children.

It’s important to research the homeschooling laws in your state and connect with local homeschooling communities for support. While homeschooling requires a significant commitment of time and resources, many families find it a rewarding investment in their children’s future.

Empowering Your Child With the Armor of God

Building spiritual strength and resilience in children is essential in equipping them to navigate a world where their beliefs may be challenged. This involves more than just teaching them biblical stories; it’s about helping them apply the principles of their faith to everyday situations.

Encourage open discussions about faith, so your children feel comfortable asking questions and expressing doubts. Model trust in God through your actions and decisions, and involve your children in faith-based activities that foster a sense of community.

Prayer should be a regular practice, not just in times of need, but as a daily acknowledgment of God’s role in your lives. By nurturing their spiritual strength, you help your children put on the full armor of God, enabling them to stand firm against the challenges they may face in settings like public schools or elsewhere in society.


An environment of truth and love is foundational in a Christian home. To foster such an environment, emphasize the importance of living out the teachings of Christ in daily actions. Encourage your children to practice kindness, forgiveness, and charity, not only within the family but also in their interactions with others.

Teach them to seek truth with humility and to love others, even when faced with opposing views. This does not mean sheltering them from the world’s realities but preparing them to engage with differing perspectives with grace and confidence in their own faith.

Reinforce the understanding that while they may encounter beliefs that differ from their own, their identity in Christ remains steadfast. By creating a home that embodies truth and love, you empower your children to become ambassadors of their faith, equipped to handle life’s challenges with wisdom and compassion. Until next time everyone, stay awake, stay aware, and stay safe. God bless you all.


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