I have been reading a new book recently by Jonathan Cahn, and I highly recommend you check it out.

It talks about the dark trinity that\’s coming back to America, when I say back to America it’s because at one time America was at least on the surface a Christian nation.

America had a lot of believers in it, it still does but it wasn’t that many years ago that upwards of 80 to 90 percent of all Americans said they were Christians.

Today it is hardly 60 percent, and the figure is dropping in free fall. People are abandoning the church in droves, why is that?

Because there’s a spiritual part of a man that can only be satisfied not by physical things, but by almighty God, so somewhere along the line it seems to me like most of what calls itself the church is an absolute complete abject failure…how many of you would agree?

Now the idea here from the book of Matthew 12 is that once these spirits leave and then return, the state of man is worse than it ever was before, and he is saying that these spirits now are returning to America, and lays out the foundation of why they’re coming back.

So the first one of the dark Trinity to come to America since the Holy Spirit has been turned away, since they’ve turned God out of schools, since they’ve kicked prayer out of schools, and the Word has been taken away from most of the people in this country. The first spirit that comes back is the spirit of Baal.


Baal is the spirit of the possessor. The possessor simply is the one who comes first to take away all that is good. In other words to create a vacuum.

Once a vacuum is created, then something will  rush to take its place, and that’s what Baal does. So in the 60s when they began to kick God out of the schools, out of the marketplace, out of the public square, when they did all of that they opened the door, for a spirit to replace the Almighty.

He will not stay where He’s not wanted. In the book of Romans chapter 1, as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, and so therefore the possessor comes and begins to take possession because the door has been open, and God was driven from the schools, the culture, the public square, the universities, and so on.

When God is taken out of everything in this country, the spirit of Baal has entered in to destroy everything and turn it upside down.


The second evil spirit, or the second spirit to return would be the enchantress. This is the wife of Baal, and her name is Asterisk, and she goes by different names according to the culture.

She’s called Ishtar, she’s called Aphrodite, she’s called Venus, and she is called Diana.What marks her character is she is a wildly fanatic sexual deviant and pervert.

She knows no bounds. She knows no barriers. She is free to run wild in every direction. She brings sexual perversion, sexual immorality, anything that has to do with sex is her market.

The goddess of  sexuality, sexual immorality, and self-gratification, she can’t control herself, she is called the harlot, she is called the prostitute.

Ishtar is also known as being able to change genders. She was known as having the ability to change a person’s gender.

Now what does that make you think of when you look at our culture we are living in? Did you know that the greek word for prostitute is ‘pornay’?

That is where we get the word porn today. Did you know that 56% of marriages in America end in divorce because one of the parties was addicted to watching pornography on the internet.

Pornography increases the marital infidelity rate by more than 300 percent. America has become completely sexualized.

Have you noticed how feminie men in America have become? The masculine man is looked at as being toxic, but the feminine man is seen as bravo. Everything has turned upside down. This is the work of Ishtar.


The third evil spirit to come back is Molech. Molech is known as the destroyer.

He is the one that all the Carthaginians offered their babies as child sacrifices to. He is the pagan god of child sacrifice.

The same thing is happening now in America. About 63 million babies in this country have been sacrificed to Molech. in the year 2020, the CDC reported that there were 620,327 abortions performed nationally. Just imagine what the number is worldly. This is heartbreaking.

Our country is on a downward spiral, and nothing will change until we repent from our evil ways.

God has given us over to a reprobate mind, that is why our country is being led by Joe Biden. We have kicked God out of everything, and sin is being celebrated in this country.

Everything has been sexualized. We need God. We need Him desperately in our country. We must repent and turn from our evil ways.

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