There is a horrifying new set of laws in California, if passed will inevitably target Christians. California has become an increasingly more difficult state to live in for people with common sense and more specifically people with Christian values.

The people who run the state are frequently just as immoral as they are self-absorbed. Just take a look at Gavin Newsome, the state’s governor, and Nancy Pelosi, who’s a long time congresswom. Their both high profile Californian politicians, and both are ethically bankrupt to say the very least.

But now ladies and gentlemen, the progressive in California have taken their hatred of biblical values to the next level. This time they have decided to propose two new laws that will actively persecute biblical Christians.

    1) Legislation AB-957

    This law governs which parent will get the child in the event of a custody battle between two former spouses. But here’s the kicker this law makes gender affirmation a deciding factor in cases like this; in other words if you are a Biblical Christian and you don’t believe that your child should be allowed to transition into the opposite gender, there’s a good chance that your child will be taken away from you. Just let that sink in for a moment. Perhaps some of you don’t believe me.

    Here’s what the law says: verbatim in custody disputes the court will consider “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health safety and welfare of the child”.

    So get this, not only are they suggesting that the affirmation of your child’s  gender confusion is important, now they are saying that it’s just as important as things like caring for your child’s health and safety.

    So if you are a terrible person who hates your children and wants them to be unhealthy and unsafe, according to this law that’s pretty much just as bad as disagreeing with their gender identity.

    Think about how insane that statement is and why on earth should any government have the right to take custody of your child away from you on the basis of this factor.

    This is effectively forcing Christian parents to choose between their children and their faith. If you disagree with modern gender identity, you are someone who does not care about the health and safety of your child anymore. You might as well be actively harming them, that is how this law will view you as.

    Let’s just think through some of the implications of this law. First, this means that if you have a spouse who is divorcing you on account of you disagree with transgender ideaology and whether or not your kid can be trans; that parent not only gets to divorce you but they also get to keep the child.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, now that parent has all the incentive in the world to encourage your son or daughter to continue being transgender. What could possibly go wrong here. I wonder.

    Notice that there is a slippery slope just around the corner here. That’s always how it starts out, with just custody battles, in fact more specifically just custody battles where the child identifies as a different gender than they are biologically.

    So these are pretty rare cases, right? Well sure, that’s probably true but why should we think that it would stop with just these cases. You see once the law has been established here they now have precedent to change the law anywhere else it suits them.

    You see if a parent is disagreeing with their child’s worldview, the law views it as jepoardizing the health and safety and well-being of that child and therefore it is perfectlly reasonable given the definitions established by this law.

    For example, child protective services would be able to take the child away and bring them to a new home with different parents who support the LGBT worldview.

    What about adoption? Suppose a Christian couple wants to adopt a baby, a government official is going to come into their house and judge whether or not they are fit to bring a child into their home, and if they disagree with transgenderism then their home is disrregarding the safety and well-being of any child that steps foot into it.

    Therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. You see what I’m getting at here? This is what the enemy does according to Jesus, the devil was a liar from the beginning. He is a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

    The democrats in the state of California have evidently aligned with his demonic mission fully. They will not stop with just this law. This pernicious worldview will not rest until all Christian influence in society is wiped out. Unfortunately, this is not the only law that they’re hoping to pass at the expense of Christian values.

    2) Legislation SB-729

    This one is even more shocking. Legislation SB-729 has to do with health care coverage in the state of California. The law says, “a policy of disability insurance that covers hospital, medical, and surgical expenses shall provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and fertility services.”

    So what does all that legal mumbo jumbo actually mean? It covers the cost of fertility treatments for people who aren’t capable of having children.

    On the face of this there seems to be no obvious issue for most people, the problem is that the law does not just cover fertility treatments for infertile heterosexual couples, as you would expect. No, it also covers the fertility treatments of homosexual couples.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why that’s insane, but let me give it a shot since most people can’t process basic definitions in modern society. A heterosexual couple, which is a man and a woman IS the only kind of couple that is capable of producing a child ever.

    There are zero exceptions to this rule. The Lord made the male and female. By contrast a homosexual couple is never able to produce a child between themselves ever, and there are zero exceptions for this rule.

    So when someone needs fertility treatments, its because they are infertile by comparison to other people in a comparable position. That’s why we don’t give fertility treatments to chairs because chairs aren’t infertile, they just weren’t desgined to have babies; and in the exact same way a homosexual couple is not infertile they’re simply not biologically desgined to bear children ever.

    So to imply that a homosexual couple is somehow in the same category as an infertile heterosexual couple is so incredibly asinine, and frankly offensive. It boggles the mind, the logic here is non-existent.

    It’s like saying that a bullfrog is the same thing as a Boeing 737 airplane because neither of them know how to tie their shoes. This would only make sense to a person if they’ve lost the ability to formulate a rational or ethical thought. Listen guys, this is what life looks like when you abandon God. Does the Bible not say that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom?

    When you abandon God, you abandon the way of wisdom and that is precisely what we’re seeing here. But this gets even worse. because if you’re a Christian in California and you pay your taxes, that means that your hard earned money will be used to pay for gay couples to have kids.

    If you believe that a stable two parent household with a mother and a father is ideal and biblical, and the best way to raise children; just know that the state of California not only completely disagrees with you, but they have no problem using your money to accomplish that.

    Let’s run some numbers to see how much this is going to cost Christians in California. Some of the most popular fertility treatments and their costs, IVF or invitro fertilization costs $15,000 to $20,000 per round of treatment.

    Egg harvesting and storage cost $7 to $10,000. Surrogacy which is an option that male homosexual couples would have to pursue cost a whopping $100,000 on average.

    This is what the state of California is using your tax money to accomplish, so that small impressionable children can grow up in unnatural and sinful households that hate God, and the values given in His word.

    These laws are absolutely an attack on Christian values. So here is my question to other Christians, what exactly is it going to take for you to stand up and say enough is enough?

    Does the government actually have to come into your house and threaten to take your kids away for you to finally see what’s happening here.

    The woke LGBTQ movement has been changing society at a fundamental and legislative level. The LGBTQ movement has been taking action against Christian values, and make no mistake about it these are just the first of many laws that they will try to pass.

    So, if you attend a church that refuses to speak clearly on these social issues, I recommend finding another one. If your pastor is more afraid of offending the seekers at his church than he is passionate about speaking the truth, I recommend finding a new pastor.

    We must stand up for the truth of God’s word, and bring it to bear in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Don’t bow for a second to the spirit of the age, don’t surrender for a moment to the LGBTQ mob. Stand up for the truth of God’s word.

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