The New Texas Bill

A new Texas bill, if enacted, would require public primary and secondary schools in Texas to show a poster-sized display of the 10 Commandments “in a conspicuous place in each classroom.

Senate Bill 1515, sponsored by Texas state Sen. Phil King (R), includes a requirement regarding the exact size of the posters and the inclusion of the words “Thou shall” at the start of each commandment.

Reading this in the headlines this week was an overwhelming breath of fresh air for me. I pray that this bill will become a law. The truth is this should be a mandatory law all over this country, in every state, and in every single school district.

That would be a wonderful thing, wouldn’t it? We desperately need God in our schools. The children of this generation are growing up without God, and this will be detrimental to their own future, and the future of everyone in this country.

Creator Launches Cartoon To Teach Kids About the Bible

The creator of the hit Nickelodeon show The Fairly OddParents has launched a new series that aims to teach children about God and the Bible.Butch Hartman and his wife, Julieann, recently released six episodes of the 40-episode cartoon The Garden.

The animated show is centered around the characters Lenny the lion and Lucy the lamb. The show also includes an app and a companion Bible that features illustrations of the characters from the series.

This is another wonderful headline to read about this week. Especially considering how the programming for our children has become so indoctrinated with the LGBTQ+ agenda in recent years.

Even the cartoons that I grew up watching like Scooby Doo, Where Are You? for instance, now have LGBTQ+ characters.

Velma’s character is now identifies aas a lesbian. This isn’t a joke. This is unacceptable. Sexual situations, a person’s sexual orientation, or any sexual situation of any kind should not taught to our children.

Their young minds are so fragile and innocent. They are ruining our children’s innocence, and this should not be allowed.

Over 60 Christians Killed By Terrorists

Fulani herdsmen on Saturday (April 1) killed at least seven Christians in Benue state, Nigeria, bringing the total to more than 60 villagers slain in the past month.

Fulani herdsmen killed a pastor on Thursday (March 23) in Kaduna state, Nigeria two weeks after terrorists killed a Baptist pastor’s son in the same state.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. It is happening in places all over the world. Christian persecution is happening every day in the United States as well.

We are seeing prophecy becoming reality right in front of our eyes. If you love the Lord, if you truly believe in Him, and that He died for your sins, & rose on the third day; then stand up for Him always, stand tall in your faith in Jesus Christ. Love Him with all of your heart, with your everything. God Bless.

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